Homegrown and handcrafted, an Indian occasion-wear brand for women, A&R stands
for Anamika and Rhea, a mother-daughter duo who have harmoniously brought
together their design aesthetic and passion with their label.

A&R is born out of tradition. While the label was launched in 2018, Anamika Kapoor
started her journey back in 1993 when she turned her love for design into a small
business. A perfectionist with an eye for detail, she is the heart of A&R and laid
the perfect foundation with her creative processes and a dedicated team.

“It’s not just her innate creativity, but her love for putting together different elements
and creating something unique with attention to detail, that ignited my interest in
design at a very young age”, says Rhea Kapoor.

Having grown up watching her mother
run a design house and their tradition of
creating outfits together for themselves
and for close friends and family for
weddings and festive celebrations, was
the genesis of A&R.

The idea of A&R has its roots in this
teamwork that started very early on.
Launching the label was the natural next
step to this tradition of designing
together, one that represents both
Anamika & Rhea; an amalgamation of
their ideas, values and their passion to


There is an abundance of beauty in the traditions and crafts of our country. We are
heavily inspired by the old-world karigari and diverse artisanal techniques that have
been carried forward from our cultural history. Our designs are an expression of the
exquisite craftsmanship of dedicated artisans and an integration of traditional
Indian textiles and techniques, with a new-age aesthetic.

Every A&R piece is a labour of love; bringing together intricate embroideries with
handcrafted detailing to create something unique, with a personal touch.


The basis of A&R’s brand philosophy is
to design with utmost love and care,
always in keeping with our customers

At A&R, we believe that clothing is a
form of self expression. Getting to know
our customer, their needs and
connecting with them is of paramount
importance to us. We take a special
interest in customising details and
involving our clients in the design
process, the aim is to create something
that's true to you while being true to
the A&R design sensibilities.


Where we are is attributable to the
support of every karigar that helps us
create each ensemble, many of whom
have been with us for years and play a
key role in building our creative abilities.
A&R is every artisan, every person
behind the scenes, who makes it
possible to bring to life all our ideas and
in giving expression to our creative